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Rabu, 20 Juni 2018  

A Mirror of Metta and Karuna in Siddhartha

Magelang, - Thousands of Buddhists celebrated Vesak Day or also known as "Buddha’s birthday," an annual festival that commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha and his entry into Nirvana, located in Mendut temple, Mungkid, Magelang, on Sunday (6/5). The commemoration was begun at 10.34 pm marked with the beating gong three times by Monk Wongsin Labhiko Mahathera and continued with meditation. During meditation, Phra Wongsin Labhiko (Thai Monk) or also known as Bhante Wongsin delivered his enlightening entitled "Improving Metta and Karuna" (Love and Compassion).

Walubi Sangha Council coordinator Monk Tadisa Paramita Mahasthavira said that the existence and preservation of religion on earth should have a minimum of three pillars in order to be respected, accepted by society, and long live, including education, culture, and compassion. "If religion does not have or ignore these three pillars, it will dim, left and forgotten by people," he said.

This compassion (Karuna) towards other beings is which a mirror of Siddhartha. Metta and Karuna, as the spirit of Buddhism, continue to be planted in each of the conscience of the Buddhists. Both have been indeed the key of human beings to open their arms to receive the teachings of Siddhartha.

The monks praying in front of the statue of Buddha in Mendut temple (Photo: Trasmara)

The Governor of Central Java Governor, Bibit Waluyo, also reminded us on his speech during the event that we should - in Javanese philosophy - tansah eling (always remember) and mikul dhuwur (uphold tight) Buddhists degree by increasing the love and compassion. He also explained the success he achieved during his rule as the Governor of the Central Java for 3 years and 8 months under the slogan "Bali Deso Bangun Deso" (Back to the Village, Build the Village). This slogan has indeed achieved some successes, including reducing poverty and improving the community's economy.

In the commemoration of Vesak Day 2012 was also carried out a parade that described the success of Buddhist. The parade was started from Mendut temple to Borobudur temple, which is about 3 km. the ritual activities performed in the Borobudur temple were started at 18.00 pm to 21.30 pm, featured with Pradaksina (ritual procession around an object that is considered sacred) and lantern release.

During the event, Mendut temple and Borobudur temple were stormed by thousands of people who come from different regions. This opportunity was also not wasted by the traders to sell merchandise along the way. "During this commemoration of Vesak Day, my caps been sold a lot," said Ny Giyem, the seller of caps around the Mendut temple.

Vesak Day or the Buddhist holy day is held on the first full moon (Sidhi moon) in May. The word "Vesak" is derived from Sanskrit "Waishakha". It is to commemorate three important events, which are the birth of Siddhartha Gautama in 623 BC, Siddhartha reached enlightenment and became Buddha at the age of 35 or in 585 BC, and Siddhartha Gautama died at the age of 80 years or in 543 BC. Of these, Vesak Day is also known as Vesak Trisuci (Three Holies Vesak). (Teguh R Asmara)


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