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Rabu, 20 Juni 2018  

Incling Dance to perform at Yogyakarta Cultural Park

Yogyakarta, – Incling Dance, the typical dance of Kulonprogo to be performed at Yogyakarta Cultural Park (Indonesian: Taman Budaya Yogyakarta or abbreviated as TBY) on Sunday (29/4). This traditional dance has been included one of series of an annual event at Yogyakarta Cultural Park, Yogyakarta.

Besides Incling, the event also will display other performances, including traditional art of Kosidrat, a documentary film about the dramatist and poet WS Rendra, and the art performance of Lampung brought by Local Students Association (Indonesian: Ikatan Pelajar dan Mahasiswa Daerah, or abbreviated as IKPMD).

"This annual event is to foster the appreciation from the community. Yogyakarta Cultural Park as a cultural laboratory will always give space for the survival of every traditional art," said Sukisno, the Head of Yogyakarta Cultural Park.

Incling is a folk dance that tells about Panji (Javanese stories). The performance usually takes about 3 hours performed by male dancers between 15-17 dancers. Although the dance only performed by male dancers, but there is also one character of female called "cepet wadon", which is also played by a male.

Incling dance has always been maintained and preserved in the district of Kulonprogo, indicated by still often performed in several events in the community. Kosidrat, which is also performed on this annual event, is a religious dance accompanied by musical instruments, such as tambourines.

This annual traditional arts event is regularly held at Yogyakarta Cultural Park on the fourth Sunday of each month. The event presents various traditional arts found in many areas in Yogyakarta. "I always watch the traditional art held at this place. It is very interesting and rare," said Tugiyo, the ice cream seller. *** (Teguh R Asmara)


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