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Rabu, 20 Juni 2018  

Sri Sultan HB X Officially Opens Diorama of Vredeburg Museum

Yogyakarta, Jogjatrip.com - Vredeburg Museum is one of the museums located inside the former Dutch-made fort built in 1765. Inside the Vredeburg fortress, visitors can find several dioramas that store the history of the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia. On several days before, the revitalization was done to support the function of the museum as an entertainment as well as an educational media. The revitalization was completed which marked with the inauguration by the Governor of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, on Wednesday, April 04, 2012.

In the museum inauguration, Sri Sultan opened the exhibition space of diorama 1 and 2, the museum cafe “Indische Koffie the Heritage Restaurant”, and Jogja Industry and History Exhibition. The diorama exhibition space 1 and 2 are equipped with the history of the Indonesian heroes against the Dutch colonialism, the history of an attempt to unite the nation through Boedi Oetomo Congress, and an attempt to make Yogyakarta became the capital city of Indonesia. Even the diorama exhibition space 2 is equipped with the game zone for children and adults.

"I hope our visitors can learn about the history of the nation through the diorama. It is not only the history of Yogyakarta, but also the history of Indonesia to maintain its independence that is displayed in the diorama," said the sultan of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate. “Learning history is a method that can construct a one-way historical memory, and it will not last long, therefore it should be accompanied by emotional memories. The existence of the diorama can accommodate that demand,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Director of Cultural Heritage and Museum Preservation, Surya Helmi, representing the Education Minister said that the diorama and Vredeburg museum are very special because we cannot find the other one in Indonesia. "The first phase of museum revitalization was not only done on its physical only, but also its image. We hope this museum can contribute to the educational history as well as forming the character of the young generation,” said Surya Helmi.

The revitalization of Vredeburg Museum 2011 includes diorama 1 and 2, introduction space, VIP room, meeting room, and Yogyakarta Museum of Struggle. The museum imaging will be more condensed in the presence of a place that stores historical memories, one of which is the photo-spot in diorama 2. "In this room, visitors can gain memories with the photos of animated figures, such as Prince Diponegoro, President Sukarno, and R.A. Kartini," said Sri Ediningsih, the Head of Vredeburg Museum.

In the Jogja Industory exhibition is displayed a variety of museums located in Yogyakarta through dozens of booths. Various performances are also held in day and night to enliven the Jogja Industory exhibition. This exhibition will last until April 10, 2012. *** (Teguh R Asmara)


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