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Rabu, 20 Juni 2018  

A Mirror of the Reality of Life inside ‘Tubil, Kisah Nyata’,

Yogya, Jogjatrip.com - As one of the literatures, Tubil is not an image of social life without relating to the real story. Tubil is a reflection of life intertwined by historical and biographical facts. It revolves with a smooth-spoken language style to create an intimacy understanding with the reader. "The author chooses the straight story line, an alphabetic sequential and coherent style", said Sugihastuti, the lecturer of FIB-UGM and a humanist Indra Tranggono, in the book review, which entitled Tubil, Kisah Nyata (Tubil, True Story) by Stefano Makawangkel, located in Karta Library, on Tuesday night (8/11/2011).

The book entitled Tubil, Kisah Nyata published by Lembah Manah Publisher comprises 16 pages telling a person named Tubil suffering HIV/AIDS. In his desperation of life, Tubil wants to give some good for public interest by telling his story of life, which written by Stefano, so they will learn and avoid this kind of deathly disease.

In the event of book review, between Sugihastuti and Indra Tranggono has opposite opinion. Sugihastuti assessed the work of Stefano is very good, while Indra Tranggono stated that the author is less exploring deeply the issue of HIV / AIDS on Tubil’s personality. "The author explains less than the maximum because it is crushed by the tendency of 'I' which is always pulling the issues of Tubil in his way of thinking. The tendency to bring the question of 'I' also makes this book less focused on Tubil figures", said Indra Tranggono.

Indra Tranggono emphasized that this book will attract more evocative if the author gives a wide and independence space to Tubil. However, whatever style of writing the author used, it does not break down over Tubil or the author’s empathy.

On the other hand, Sugihastuti said that Tubil as one of the literary texts is determined by how to present the material. The material is the story, which a neutral aesthetic formed into a literature with special handler. What make Tubil interesting is its simplicity, the simplicity of narration and structure.

Stefano Makawangkel who was born in Jakarta on September 13, 1972, started his career in advertising. In 1995, he has worked in audio-visual. "This is my first work. If this is going well and useful for the society, Tubil can also be filmed", said Stefano, encountered by Jogjatrip.com after the discussion. (Teguh R Asmara)

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