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Rabu, 20 Juni 2018  

The Event ‘Pelangi Budaya Bumi Merapi’ in Candibinangun

Sleman, Jogjtrip.com - Sleman Regency will hold a cultural tourism event that is packed in one event "Pelangi Budaya Bumi Merapi" (The Rainbow Culture of Mount Merapi), which will be held together with the event of Sleman Arts Festival on Saturday and Sunday (19 and 20, 2011) located in Candibinangun field, Pakem, Sleman Regency.

It is intended by holding this event for two days the social will be more awake to consider their potential of arts, cultures, and object tourisms. However, the more important is an effort to revitalize and internalize the real potential of culture in society.

"It is hoped that the event could attract the visitors both local and foreign, which need to be emphasized that the area of Mount Merapi is completely safe for visitor activities", said Wasita, the coordinator of publication of the event "Pelangi Budaya Bumi Merapi". The packed agendas on Saturday (19/11/2011) are as follows: Traditional Kid’s Games Festival at 10.00 am, Cultural Carnival at 14.00 pm, Opening of Sleman Arts Festival at 15.30 pm, Student Musical Performance and Studio at 19:00 pm, and Kid Puppeteer Performance. Then it will be held the Traditional Folk Arts Performance on the next day at 10.00 am until 17.00 pm.

Especially for the carnival culture, which will take about 2.5 km, is expected to be a favorite agenda followed by various schools, and various cultural arts community and visitors. Yet the committee still opens the opportunities to the institutions or stakeholders of tourism and other cultural arts community outside the Regency of Sleman to join on these activities. 

The organizers give space in the event for being used as a promotional object in accordance with the packing characteristics of vision and mission of each institution. The participation is allowed to join in list at least until November15, 2011.

Student Musical Performance and Studio on Saturday (19/11) at 19:00 is featured from the students of State Islamic Junior High School of Sleman, the musical performance of "Sang Bumi" from Minomartani, and some artistic contributions from the Province of Yogyakarta Tourism Office. The Kid Puppeteer Performance will be featured by Ki Bayu Probo Prasongko Aji, the student of 8th grade from State Junior High School of Kalasan, with the play "Adu Kongso Jago". The Traditional Folk Arts Performance on Sunday (20/11/2011) at 10.00 am - 17.00 pm is featured by Dayakan arts "Simo Merapi" from Wonosari, “Trengganon” from Sendangsari, “Peksi Moi” from Sokawetan, “Rampak Buto” from Kawedan, and “Jathilan” from Candibinangun Pakem. (Teguh R Asmara)

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