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Rabu, 20 Juni 2018  

Jemek Supardi Performs Pantomime Show at Zero Point

Yogya, Jogjatrip.comThere are many ways celebrating the last days of Ramadan Kareem in Jogja. Especially for Jemek Supardi, he got his way. He plans to perform a pantomime at zero point of kimometer, Sunday at 03:30 am (28/8). A terrific pantomime actor who was born in Sleman, March 14, 1953 and graduated from SMSR (Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa) will perform some numbers related to the celebration of the last days of Ramadan Kareem or the current situation of Indonesia. Performing pantomime in any place will not mind him. He is such different. He set his foot in pantomime using science and instinct, not technique. This is similar to the traditional art called “mbarang” who once a famous art in the villages of Central Java. "Jemek mimes for 2 hours," said his public relations, Eko Nuryono to Jogjatrip, on Thursday (25/8).

Pantomime is a part of his life. He has flexible body to express the current situation through movements. No wonder he is called “Panomer Barometer Jogja” (Jogja’s barometer of pantomime) as he has done various performances and never ever mind in return. He made a pantomime gladly unpaid in fact, he often complained, some people asked him to mime and thanked him, but he said. "I have performed lot of social works. But i never mind that. For me, the most important is people know what my movements mean, "said Jemek Supardi on Jogjatrip, at some occasion in the last month.

According to Eko Nuryono, Jemek show at zero point of kilometer of jogja will be interesting. At least, some tourists would stop and will enjoy his pantomime. The works of Jemek Supardi are Kuasa Maha Kuasa, Eksodus 2000, Lingkar-lingkar and Kopyok are. Of these, no doubt he got an award from Special District Yogyakarta (DIY) for his amazing works. *** (Teguh R Asmara)

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