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Rabu, 20 Juni 2018  

Remembering Romo Sas by Dancing

Yogya, Jogjatrip.com Six classic Yogyakarta dances were performed on stage in a commemoration of 15 years of the death of dancer KRT Sasminta Dipura, Tuesday (4/26) night. The event was organized by Yayasan Pamulangan Beksa Sasminta Mardawa (YPBSM), a foundation set up by Romo Sas, as KRT Sasminta Dipura was usually called. “This is solely intended to enliven Romo Sas’ artistic spirit, especially in the classic Yogyakarta dance,” said Siti Sutiyah, Romo Sas’ widow.

According to Siti Sutiyah, the dance show was meant to let the public know that there remained great arts deep in Yogyakarta.

The event was opened with Suwantoro’s “Untukmu Sang Guru” (“For You, Teacher”) dance. The dance wants to say that a teacher should expect development of his students as a reward instead of wealth. Coming after that was “Golek Ayun-Ayun” dance performed by Istu Noorhayati and V. Retnaningsih. The dance was created by KRT Sasminta Dipura in 1976, telling a story of a girl growing up.

The third slot was for “Manggala Retno” dance created by Siti Sutiyah. This dance is an expression of Romo Sas’ word that to be a leader, one must train himself physically and spiritually for he must have both physical and mental strength.

In the event, YPBSM gave ‘Sasminta Mardawa Award’ to RM Dinu Satomo (KRT Pujaningrat) for his effort in developing the foundation. “Thank you for this award. Hopefully, YPBSM can keep up the work and be useful for the classic Yogyakarta dance preservation,” said Dinu on the podium.

Coming up next was “Klana Topeng” dance by Icuk Ismunandar and Supriyanto. The dance takes a scene in the Panji epic, in which Prabu Klana Sewandana and Panji Asmara Bangun fight for the love of Dewi Sekar Taji.

“Beksan Menak Putri” dance by Siti Sutiyah was staged afterwards, portraying a scene from the classic Menak story where Dewi Rengganis is in dispute with Dewi Widaninggar. Closing the show that night was “Klana Alus Sumyar” dance. The dance was created in 1975 by Romo Sas to personify Goddess Arimbi who disguises herself as Srisuwela looking for Bima, her lover.***(Teguh R. Asmara)

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